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If you are building your ideal engagement ring, looking to upgrade an existing piece of jewelry, or creating another piece of jewelry entirely, you might be interested in how to buy a loose diamond. There’s no denying it— nothing compares to the brilliance and fire of a loose diamond. By purchasing a loose diamond apart from a setting, you are able to get the best look at the stone to really see the 4 C’s— cut, color, clarity, and carat weight— up close. You can view inclusions that a setting might otherwise hide or distract from, allowing you to make an informed decision about the diamond you are investing in.

At Lozano’s Diamond Jewelry, we are happy to offer our customers an extensive collection of loose diamonds, including different diamond shapes from round brilliant, princess, oval, cushion, and radiant cuts, to different fancy color diamonds. We have an abundance of online resources to help our customers explore loose diamonds online, and we invite you to visit our team into our Westlake Village showroom to experience our full diamond selection and find your perfect match.


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How to Buy a Loose Diamond 

The Anatomy of a Diamond

Learn about the 4 C’s from our diamond experts. Our diamond education center is loaded with information from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so you can rest assured you are making an informed diamond purchase. Learn more before your visit HERE.


Fancy Color Diamonds

Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, including yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. Fancy colored diamonds are graded based on the depth of color – Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. Visit our showroom to experience our fancy color diamond collection.


Create Your Perfect Piece

Are you ready to design your perfect piece? At Lozano’s Diamond Jewelry, you work directly with one of our skilled jewelers. If you have a design in mind or have seen something you would like to create, our jewelers can help you design that special piece. We specialize in hand made jewelry and perform all the work right here in our store. Come in and see what we can do for you. Learn more about custom jewelry design HERE.


Explore our Diamond Search

Get a head start on your diamond search. Explore and compare diamonds by shape, carat, color, clarity, cut, and more with this innovative diamond search tool. Find this online tool HERE.



Remember, no matter your needs or personal style, we have the right loose diamonds for you. We invite you to explore our full selection of loose diamonds at our Westlake Village, CA,, showroom, or find a selection online HERE.




Never going to another jeweler again!

I called around for pricing for rings for my wife & I. After speaking to a few places, I felt my budget wasn’t enough. I found LOZANO’S in Thousand Oaks (which I drove all the way from Van Nuys to find) because not only was their pricing amazing, but they made me feel valued and important after only 1 phone call!

I entered the shop and was assisted immediately. Extremely affordable & legitimate! All rings had serial numbers & documents along with them.

Thank you so much to Lozano’s for your patience, value & assistance. I couldn’t be happier with this experience.

10/10 recommend.” Yoni C. on Yelp